Given the fact that Honey, itself reminds you of the buzzing sweet bees, collecting the sweet nectar from the flowers and making a delicious treat, we want to throw in some more delicious facts about honey being used in several ways apart from a sugar alternative and then you will have several uses of Truly Raw Honey to think about!

Truly Raw Honey unlike the other honey variants is delicious, distinct, and carries a varied taste that brings a vision of the region it comes from. We need to understand that honey is not just a pancake or cereal topping, it’s not just for the honey waffles that our moms make but it has some surprisingly beautiful uses that need to be jotted down.

Let us know how Truly Raw Honey could help 

As we are on the sting of drooling let’s take our train to some medicinal purposes that Truly Raw Honey can provide an assistance When you have pharyngitis or a cough, honey is one among the most effective, and tastiest, salves nature should offer.

The first record of beekeeping dates back to 2400 B.C., in Cairo. For millennia, cultures around the world, including the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and therefore the Chinese, have fallen for the sweet substance. These cultures used it both in medicine and within the kitchen. And what better than Truly Raw Honey!

Let’s dive deep into some medicinal uses:

1. Burns : Used as a salve to heal burns and infections Truly Raw Honey helps in reducing the healing time as well

2. Diabetes : The sweet tooths out there who can’t resist sugar but are diabetic can switch to honey. Studies resulted in diabetic patients who shifted to Truly Raw Honey from sugar have achieved steady levels of blood sugar. 

3. Cancer : Honey is celebrated for its antioxidant properties, which causes many to wonder if it can help prevent or treat cancer.

Heard about the wonders Truly Raw Honey could do to your skin? If not then you should read this 

If you are someone who suffers from acne applying Truly Raw Honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin, which makes it a great product to use. It is also filled with moisturizing and nourishing properties. Honey provides required moisture to the skin, especially during winters when it tends to induce dryness. Its regular application also helps cure severe skin allergies like eczema, psoriasis, and other infections. It may also be used as a remedy for your chapped lips.

Honey may be a natural humectant, which suggests that it does a wonderful job in drawing in moisture from the air around you and into your face. As well, it is a great agent to fight and heal existing acne, scars, blemishes, redness, and unhealthy-looking skin. Using raw honey soothes your skin in a very gentle and healthy way and naturally cleanses your skin with antibacterial properties. Being a healthy alternative to sugar, Truly Raw Honey clearly indicates a better option to imbibe in your diet if you are on your healthful journey.  

Honey could be a natural source of carbohydrates, providing 17 grams per tablespoon. This is often ideal for fueling muscles. Carbohydrates are the first fuel the body uses and honey can help maintain muscle glycogen. This is often effectively stored energy for muscles, which provides athletes a lift in performance once they need it the foremost. Honey also can be used as a part of exercise recovery meals and snacks to replenish tired muscles and energy stores following a workout.

If you have ever watched The Bee Movie, you’ll learn that bees, despite the humorous fictional society they’re portrayed in, actually play important roles in our everyday lives — they create this beautiful yet delicious superfood that we simply cannot live without. What could “bee” better?

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