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Raw Honey Gift Combo | Pack of 3 Pure Honey Jars - NMR Tested

Raw Honey Gift Combo | Pack of 3 Pure Honey Jars - NMR Tested

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This Gift Combo consists of 3 flavours – Kashmir Multiflora Raw Honey, Bengal Multiflora Raw Honey, and Forest Gold Raw honey, each distinct in its taste and origin

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Our raw honey is free from additives and has not undergone pasteurization, making it naturally shelf-stable and able to last indefinitely when stored properly.

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Experience the ultimate honey delight with our Honey Combo Gift Set! Featuring three unique flavours – Kashmir Multiflora, Bengal Multiflora, and Forest Gold Raw honey – this set is a honey lover's dream.

From the picturesque Kashmir valley to the lush forests of Bengal and the wildflowers of India's dense forests, each honey offers a distinct and delicious taste. Whether it's a special occasion or a token of appreciation, our honey combo gift set is the perfect choice.
Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with the finest honey in India.
Indulge in the irresistible flavours and natural goodness of our Honey Combo Gift Set today! Order now and elevate your honey experience.


1. Features three distinct flavours of pure, organic, and natural honey
2. Sourced and handcrafted to ensure maximum purity and flavour
3. A healthy and natural sweetener
4. Has antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and enzymes.

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5 Stars- Very Good

5 Stars- Very Good

Asma A

Badhian mast taste hai, meine ye khudkoo gify kia love it

Rahul J

Maine iss honey combo gift set ko apni mummy ko gift kiya unhe 3no flavours pasand aaye. #happy


I gifted this to my friend she is happy with this thanks! Honey as a gift she loved it

Afzal K

Good gift option