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Forest Gold Raw Honey

Forest Gold Raw Honey

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Our Forest Gold raw honey exhibits a beautiful golden-yellow colour that comes from the nectar of various wildflowers found in the deep forests and surrounding areas. Sourced from wild beehives, our honey is 100% natural, organic and raw, with no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

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Our raw honey is free from additives and has not undergone pasteurization, making it naturally shelf-stable and able to last indefinitely when stored properly.

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Forest Gold Raw Honey is 100% natural, organic and raw honey that is sourced directly from the wild beehives found in the deep forests of India. Our Forest Gold raw honey exhibits a beautiful golden-yellow colour that comes from the nectar of various wildflowers found in the deep forests..

Harvested during the months of April and May, this golden yellow honey is obtained from the Apis Florea species of bees found in dense forest areas in India. The unique flavour and properties of this honey make it one of the most sought-after honey flavours in India.
The raw honey contains pollen, which is a testament to its pureness and is responsible for the crystallization of the honey. This ensures that the product is unfiltered and raw, preserving all the natural goodness of the honey.

Forest Gold Raw Honey is known to be beneficial in treating cuts and wounds, suppressing cough and other infections, as well as improving respiratory conditions. It is also a great source of instant energy and has properties that benefit the skin, giving it a smooth, textured glow.

What sets Forest Gold Raw Honey apart from other kinds of honey is the goodness and essence of a range of flowers that are packed into each jar. This makes it a superfood that is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Forest Gold Raw & Organic Honey is cold-processed, ensuring that it retains all the natural goodness that nature has to offer.

If you are looking for the best honey in India, look no further than Forest Gold Raw Honey.


1. Source of Instant Energy
2. Cough and Infection
3. Cuts and wounds
4. Helpful in Asthma or any other respiratory condition
5. Skin Benefits
6. Improves Cognitive Function and induces sleep

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Dimensions: 20 × 13.5 × 11 cm
Weight: 650 gms, 300 gms, 200 gms

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Customer Reviews

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Best Honeyy!!

Have never eaten honey before could not stand the smell .then I looked on line to see what were the alternative your site came up and I was impressed ordered and was so pleased and am enjoying the taste and smell I was sixty nine years old before eating honey it was wonderful

Heavenly Honey

I wouldn't buy honey from anywhere else. I refused to eat honey before I found this shop simply because bees are so precious and I'm set against exploiting living beings for profit.

Fabulous honey flavours

There is something for every one from fruit or blossom to dark oak and forest.