What is our Truly Raw & Cold Processed Honey?

Buzz Buzz Beekeepers

First we source our honey from the ethical beekeepers and then store it in cans.

Time to stay cool!

We store our honey in a vacuum chamber at a cozy 30 degrees while giving it a slow stir. It takes a bit longer, about 3-5 days, but it's worth the wait to keep all the good stuff in.

Moisture reduction & storage

Once the moisture is down to 17-18%, our honey will be safe from those pesky yeasties. To keep the flavour locked in, we store it at a cool 15-18 degrees Celsius.

Filters!!! (no not the Instagram ones)

After the moisture reduces, we use a huge strainer to get rid of all minor impurities like twigs, leaves, etc.

Let's churn it!

Then the honey is transferred into vacuum chamber where it's churned again until the moisture is reduced.

Filling purity

Then the honey is filled into the jars, pouches, and straws and its vacuum packed, labeled and sealed.

On the way to your home!

Our honey found a new home! And it's yours! Open the lid to truly raw honey and taste the sweet difference! Buzz us up to/for a new and unfiltered way of consuming honey!