Honey All day Brand story

When the first wave of Covid 19 hit the nation, my entire family was struck by it. We all tested positive and started searching for good home remedies. Naturally, Honey was one of the top remedies on the list. We would usually consume honey from a honeycomb on a Eucalyptus tree near my house, and were regular honey consumers. Raw honey generally crystallizes faster. The texture and appearance is also different from the persona created by the commercial brands. Also, raw, pure, natural honey helped us recover faster.

Since we were at home due to the lockdown, free and curious, I started researching about the interrelation between honey and health, The more I researched, the more I learnt that store-bought commercial honey is usually pasteurized honey, which means it is often heated to 66 degrees - 77 degrees Celsius to decrease the moisture content, this removes pollen content and thus delays crystallization and destroys a lot of natural enzymes to enhance the shelf life and look.

The main idea to get into this business was the lack of knowledge about raw honey and how it helps boost immunity and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is where Honey All Day came into existence.  We source our honey from beekeepers – unfiltered, unprocessed, and full of its own natural nutrients. Instead of a heating process that kills the enzymes, we use a cold process to reduce the moisture content of honey. This is a long process that takes 3-5 days but helps keep the nutritional value of honey intact. Once the moisture is reduced, honey can be stored for years without fermenting. To retain the taste of the honey, we store it at 22 degrees Celsius.

One of the drawbacks of honey is the mess it creates due to its sticky nature, so we came up with the idea of packing pure, raw, unfiltered honey into compact pouches that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere — without any mess! We also have the standard 300 grams and 650 grams of jars of pure honey for you and your family to enjoy whenever you want with whatever you want.