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Kashmir Acacia

The Kashmir Acacia Flower Honey is the sweetest and rarest. The bees collect the nectar from this unique flower found in the Kashmir valley. Considering this does not bloom 365 days a year, but for only a limited time period, mostly mid-may, the honey from this flower is also extremely rare. In addition, its exceptional medicinal properties always keep it in high demand. Therefore, due to its delightful fragrance, natural and sweet flavour and health benefits, it is one of the most popular among honey lovers and its rarity always keeps them on the lookout during the seasons.

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I think this is raw honey because the taste is very strong and it's sweet not that sweet like other brands.

Ashish Keni

This is my second order Delivery on time. The package is good. Customer interaction is best. The quality of honey is really good So thick flow and crystal golden color Taste is best.

Shahrukh Shaikh

Good quality raw honey you find in the market I used many brands of RAW honey never been satisfied, love the taste the quality is superb I ordered my second bottle of honey very happy with the purchase will recommend this product.

Shivani Mehta
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