If you’ve read our article about Are Bees Really Going Extinct, you definitely are well aware of the crucial role bees play in helping elevate food production in India. To sum it up, bees are major pollinators that pave the way for most of our food sources. Without them, pollination may reduce drastically causing threats to the survival of human life as we know it. 

Just like without their help the majority of the food production might collapse, similarly without the beekeepers, the majority of the bee population would face a threat to their survival.

In many parts of the world, the survival of the bees largely depends on the beekeepers. Indeed there are many regions where wild bees do not exist anymore in their natural habitat. In such regions, the whole and sole credit of sustaining the bee population goes to the beekeepers.

While some beekeepers maintain just a few hives as a hobby, professional beekeepers maintain up to hundreds or thousands of hives to make a living from these bees. These beekeepers become the major source of procuring honey mainly along with propolis, royal jelly, wax, pollen and venom.

These beekeepers also play a very crucial role in maintaining the optimum pollination of a certain region, especially considering that the bee population is slowly declining. Pollination is an essential component of the ecosystem as it plays a key role in supporting food production, habitats and natural resources. Without pollination, food production comes to a halt.

The beekeepers help the local farmers and support the local food production by renting out the bees to the farmers in order to pollinate their crops. This helps the farmers to nourish their crops and expand their production, in turn producing more food for us to consume. The beekeepers create a suitable environment for these pollinators. They build hives for proper shelter for the bees, aid their needs through proper medication and provide them with a new queen, as needed.

The beekeepers take special care to ensure that the bees remain healthy, the queen is laying sufficient eggs and to make sure that there are enough supers for the size of the colonies. A special set of tools is used by them to make sure no bees are harmed during this process.

On this World Food Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate these hardworking beekeepers. Without them, the entire consumption of the nation may suffer a major loss and eventually, the consequences may be fatal. With their sincere efforts, they have managed to save the dying bee population and provide great results to the economy as well as our food production. 

At Honey All Day, we source our honey from the local beekeepers of the region and bring it to you in its raw, pure form. This helps us ensure that the bees remain unharmed in every way and at the same time guarantee you natural, raw honey from the depths of distinct regions.

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