Diwali is right around the corner and with a busy year like this one, picking out the right gift can be a task. With the onset of Covid-19, people have become increasingly cautious about their health and wellbeing. Considering this scenario, raw and pure honey makes for the perfect thoughtful gift during this festive season.

The sweet taste of raw honey and its unparalleled health benefits cater to almost all categories of people. Raw honey has abundant enzymes and nutrients that help sustain a healthy lifestyle. The richness of its taste is an added bonus.

Although pure, raw honey makes for the perfect gift for everyone, here are 4 types of people that this thoughtful gift will cater to the most.

The Health Conscious 

It took quite a few years or maybe even decades but a virus like Covid -19 managed to finally make people aware of what they consume and how it affects their health. For such people, who are getting increasingly conscious about their health, raw honey bottled in exquisite mini jars makes for the perfect gift. Raw honey consists of essential nutrients that help build immunity. It acts as an aiding agent in suppressing the risk of minor illnesses like cough and cold to chronic diseases like cancer, low blood sugar and other digestive problems. Consuming raw honey every day will help such people to build a strong resistance to such diseases.

The Fitness Conscious 

Festivals are incomplete without a platter of delicacies served wherever you go. This puts all the fitness enthusiasts in a dilemma of whether they should give in to their cravings or not. Since honey is rich in antioxidants, it helps speed the metabolism and shred off the extra weight. With this thoughtful gift, your fitness enthusiast friends can enjoy the sweet delicacies without a worry. Since honey is made of simple sugar – fructose and glucose, it also acts as a natural source of energy to the body. So whether they’re coming back from a quick run or after a quality time at the gym, raw honey will help the body instantly recover the energy it has lost.

The Foodie

We have all got someone on our gift list who absolutely loves to appreciate the distinct tastes. Since the taste of the honey depends on whatever pollen bees can collect, each flavour has a unique flavour to it. The Bengal Multiflora variant has a distinct woody, warm texture whereas the Kashmir multiflora variant has a strong, sweetened taste. The Forest Raw honey has a peculiar floral aftertaste which makes this selection quite distinguished. This Gift box will give your friend an exceptional tasteful experience to cherish.

The All Naturalist

These are the kind of people who give you a tough time choosing a gift for them.  Whether they’re looking for vegetables or clothes, they prefer only the things that are natural and organic. The mini jar gift box is curated especially for the lovers of everything natural. The bottled honey is raw and cold – processed which keeps its enzymes and nutrition value intact. The taste also remains unhindered allowing them to enjoy the flavourful experience of pure, natural honey.

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