Our Story

It’s not just honey, It’s truly raw honey

Sourced from the depth of dense forests and the flora blanketing various regions of India, the honey is carefully collected and bottled to give you the truly raw taste of nature’s pristine nectar.

Honey gets its truly raw -ness from the natural enzymes in it, pollen and nectar collected from the multiflora and its natural, intrinsic texture. 

But when heat-processing the honey, which is a standard technique used by most commercial brands, honey loses almost up to 200 nutrients and natural enzymes. The honey is heated easily up to 70 degrees to reduce its moisture level and its thickness so as to easily pass through mesh filters. However, all of this affects the truly raw nature of honey.

As honey lovers ourselves, we understand that honey that is not truly raw, is not really honey at all. This is why we came up with a distinct technique that involves cold-processing the honey so as to maintain its truly raw form. Using this technique, we store our honey in a vacuum chamber at a temperature that does not exceed 36 degrees (which is the natural temperature of the hive) and with constant slow stirring reduce the moisture to 17-18%. This takes around 3-5 days but retains all the enzymes of the Honey. Once the moisture is reduced, honey can be stored for years and years without yeast getting activated and fermenting it. To retain the taste of the truly raw honey, we store it at 15-18 degrees Celsius.

Staying true to its truly raw nature, our honey tends to crystallize over time. Since we do not filter out the pollen or any enzymes, which are highly essential for a healthy lifestyle,  the crystallization of our honey is inherent - which is also a testament to the purity of our honey. 

As true honey lovers ourselves, we can bet that once you taste the truly raw honey, there’s no going back.