Five Reasons Why You Should Pack Truly Raw Honey In Your Holiday Bag

Five Reasons Why You Should Pack Truly Raw Honey In Your Holiday Bag

Are you planning a summer vacation?

Last year, thousands of holidays were ruined or cut short due to common ailments that could have been avoided. Most vacationers bring a first aid kit with them that contains a variety of supplies. The cost of this package might quickly pile up. 

Packing a few jars of truly raw honey in your first aid box will not only save you money on medical bills but also spare you a lot of trouble on your vacation.

Here are five reasons why you should carry some truly raw honey in your bag.


One of the most prevalent problems encountered by vacationers is an upset stomach. When you go to a new place or nation, you are exposed to microorganisms to which your health is not acclimated. When people go on vacation, they tend to eat out more. Different food hygiene standards raise the likelihood of contracting a stomach illness. 

Taking a spoonful of truly raw honey combined with a glass of warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before breakfast is an easy approach to flood your digestive system with beneficial “good” bacteria. This “good” bacteria increases in your gut during the day, protecting it from any bad bacteria you may consume that day. This reduces your chances of contracting a bacterial food bug, and if you do, it will be less severe. Truly raw honey is also a natural remedy for getting rid of diarrhea rapidly. Avoid salads and only drink bottled water when dining out.


People tend to spend more time outside during the summer, putting them at an increased risk of being bitten or stung by insects. Applying a small amount of genuinely raw honey, plain, to the injured area is a quick and natural way to neutralize the insect’s venom and soothe any irritation. Truly  Raw honey, as opposed to commercially pasteurized honey, is rich in natural enzymes and good bacteria, which work synergistically to battle any foreign compounds deposited inside the skin after an insect bite or sting. Unlike artificially processed honey, truly raw honey contains a high concentration of natural enzymes and good bacteria, which work synergistically to battle any foreign chemicals left on the skin after an insect bite or sting. According to our research and customer comments, the best honey from our selection to put on bug bites and stings is Bengal Multiflora Honey.

Because of its thick viscosity, this honey is easy to apply to the skin without running off. Apply a small amount of honey directly to the skin and leave it on until the inflammation has subsided.


When exposed to allergens outside of your immediate environment, your body reacts in a variety of ways. As a result, allergic reactions such as watery eyes, sneezing, and itching may occur. Kashmir Multiflora Honey, derived from a tree or plant abundant in heavy flower pollen, is useful in alleviating the symptoms of the most prevalent pollen-based allergies. Drinking a glass of Kashmir Multiflora Honey with water on an empty stomach before breakfast fills the body with copious flower pollen and has been known to be particularly beneficial for pollen-based allergies.


People who have hectic or stressful lifestyles are more likely to become ill during the first few days of a vacation. When the body is agitated, stress hormones protect it from infection. However, when the body relaxes, such as when on vacation, the body lowers its guard and those stress chemicals are no longer available to defend the body. The body is then more vulnerable to infection or sickness.


Constipation is usually caused by a diet that is low in fluids and high in fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables include natural enzymes that the body requires to maintain a healthy digestive system. However, as previously said, eating fresh fruits and vegetables while on vacation increases the chance of developing stomach illnesses. As a result, it’s a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. First thing in the morning, truly raw honey water floods the gut with vital nutrients, enzymes, and prebiotics that maintain the digestive system healthy and avoid constipation.

And if you’re going to see family or friends, don’t forget to bring some truly raw honey jars to give them as a gift. It is healthy, flavorful, and natural.

Keep Buzzing! And safe travels!

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