It’s that time of the year again- along with a platter full of sweets, lights illuminating the homes and crackers bursting outside our windows, one another thing that Diwali is incomplete without is the never-ending lineup of guests at our homes.

More than a year ago, the world was threatened by a deadly virus called Covid-19. Due to its easily transmittable nature, it spread across many nations and the world came to a standstill. Even though we were taught the importance of health since school times, it was during this pandemic that everyone became conscious of their health and lifestyle.

It has been almost two years now and no definite cure has been implemented yet. Scientists all over the world are conducting various experiments and studies to find a cure and rid the world of this deadly virus. Recently one such study highlighted honey and its compound as an important and effective prospect to help fight this virus.

Honey, since ancient times, has been known for its healing properties. Several studies have proved honey to be beneficial in aiding many chronic diseases like heart ailments, kidney problems, pulmonary disorders, hypertension, bacterial infections and other minor illnesses like cold and cough.

The covid virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2 affects several body parts including the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. Since honey is a natural compound produced by bees, it is a rich source of sugar, organic acids, amino acids, phenolic compounds, vitamins, and minerals. This composition of honey also makes it a good antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Daily consumption of honey has previously been proven beneficial in attenuating chronic threats to the immune system. This is why honey is currently used to study the cure for the ever-prevailing coronavirus. It’s a matter of concern that no proper treatment has been introduced yet. Therefore, strategies that boost the immune system could be effective to alleviate the complications associated with COVID-19.

However, there are no definite studies or experiments yet that could categorise honey as an effective cure against Covid-19. But honey still stands in the race due to its beneficial immunity-boosting properties. And as of now, the best alternative suggested by doctors and experts is to follow protocols and keep your health in check by building immunity. 

This festive season, the easiest way to celebrate and enjoy a safe Diwali is to follow the norms correctly. Apart from that, you can also prepare the sweets with truly raw honey and offer a variety of tasty treats prepared with honey so that your guests will enjoy not only a delicious but also a healthy treat!

With the schools also reopening and the world slowly getting back to the new normal, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of crucial importance. Including honey in your diet every day helps boost immunity and build resistance to various diseases. But in this busy lifestyle of adjusting to the new normal, it becomes difficult to spare time for ourselves. For this purpose, we have designed honey pouches so that you can take care of your health anytime, anywhere.

The honey pouch from Honey All Day comes with a compact, convenient design that allows it to fit in school bags, handbags and even your pockets as well. With a honey pouch by your side, you do not have to spare any extra minutes worrying about your health. You can boost your immunity and take care of your health on the go!

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