The Ganpati festival is celebrated every year with much fervour and excitement, especially in Mumbai. It is one of the most awaited festivals that bring the city to a halt from its fast-paced life and binds everyone together for a celebration. Bappa is welcomed gracefully with processions, loud music and dance. The festival lasts for 11 days and the whole city is filled with an air of joy and excitement.

This festival is definitely a treat for all the foodies. Due to the prevailing situation of the pandemic, the festival cannot be celebrated in such grandeur but that doesn’t stop the devotees from enjoying the festivities. The true essence of this festival lies in the variety of delights prepared during the festival, the most prominent being the Modak.

Modak is an Indian sweet dumpling dish and is considered to be Bappa’s favourite. You will find varieties of this Modak offered to Bappa wherever you go. There is an interesting story behind Ganesh’s love for Modak.

According to mythology, when Lord Ganesh had gone to visit Anusuya along with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he was being served food until his hunger could be satiated. Anusuya kept offering him food one after another but everything failed to satiate his hunger. Finally, Anusuya realised that something sweet may fill his tummy and so she decided to offer him modak. On eating that sweet dish, Ganesh finally burped loudly implying that his hunger has been satiated. Interestingly Lord Shiva who waited for the food to be served until Ganesh’s hunger was satiated also burped along with Ganesh, not once but 21 times. This is why Bappa is offered a serving of 21 modaks every time.

Modak being Bappa’s favourite are offered wherever you go to take blessings of Bappa. However, over a period of time, the recipe has been improvised to suit the preferences of people’s evolving tastes. Now you can find variants such as chocolate modaks, modak pedhas, dry fruit modaks and many such varieties. 

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