Use Truly Raw Honey to Cure a Cold, Cough, and Flu

Use Truly Raw Honey to Cure a Cold, Cough, and Flu

Following a year of covid curfews, the fall of 2021 was to be one of the worst flu seasons in ten years, with colds, coughing, fevers, sick days, and wet tissues…

Do you or your children have a cold or an infection?

By increasing your body’s natural immune system, Truly Raw Honey can help your body recover fast from an infection.

A spoonful of honey has the same antibacterial and antiseptic properties as a 20% phenol solution, but without the adverse effects associated with chemical-based medications. Taking a teaspoon of Truly raw honey in a glass of warm water half an hour before eating three times a day will help treat bacterial infections in the body.

What’s the difference between a cold and the flu?

Although the cold virus and the flu are distinct illnesses, they share similar symptoms. Both are viruses, and antibiotics do not work on viruses. There are things you may do to reduce symptoms and assist your body in fighting the illness.

Cold symptoms include a running or congested nose, sneezing, a sore throat, cough, and a low fever. 

Flu symptoms include a high temperature, headaches, aching muscles, shivering, a runny or stuffy nose, and a sore throat. A cold means you feel sick, but the flu can keep you in bed for several days.

The total number of sick days taken by employees in 2021 was 5.6%. While the majority of the population heal from fever, adults, and children are prone to the severe symptoms of the virus.

Building Immune system 

Diet, exercise, and sleep all have an impact on immunity.

Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, regular exercise, and adequate sleep all help to strengthen the body’s immune system.

Each spoon of Truly Raw honey is reported to contain over 15 vitamins and minerals.

Honey with a total activity value of less than 10 does not contain enough antibacterial power to affect germs in the body.

A spoonful of Truly raw honey in a glass of warm water before breakfast will help increase immunity without the negative side effects linked with toxins present in processed foods.

How to Relieve symptoms of cold & flu 

The body’s immune system attacks the illnesses in its own time. But, there are some things that may be done to speed up the process and “assist” the body in fighting illness.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE) made recommendations in August 2018 to treat coughs with honey rather than antibiotics.

NICE and PHE discovered data from three randomized clinical trials, which investigated the use of honey in kids and teens.

Two of the studies compared it to no treatment, while one allowed for “supporting treatment” if required, and that included saline (saltwater), nasal drops, water vapour, and paracetamol. 

Children fed honey coughed less frequently had much less severe coughs than those given no therapy in both comparisons.

Naturally, not all honey is created equal. Heat-treated and filtered supermarket “honey” is nothing better than sugar syrup. 

Truly raw honey derived from specific plants and trees recognized for their therapeutic characteristics is more effective than commercially processed honey in curing coughs.

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